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RSQ Volume 38 Number 1

Winter 2008

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Winter 2008, 38:1, pages 2-24
Negation and the Contradictory Technics of Rhetoric 

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Winter 2008, 38:1, pages 25-45
Speaking on Behalf of Others: Rhetorical Agency and Epideictic Functions in Official Apologies 

Winter 2008, 38:1, pages 46-65
Unclenching the Fist: Embodying Rhetoric and Giving Objects Their Due 

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Winter 2008, 38:1, pages 66-81
Kenneth Burke's Constabulary Rhetoric: Sociorhetorical Critique in Attitudes Toward History

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Winter 2008, 38:1, pages 82-108
Size Matters: Polytoning Rhetoric's Perverse Apocalypse