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RSQ Volume 37 Number 4

Fall 2007

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TCSLINKTONEWS[10160,HASKINS, Ekaterina,layout_details] 
Fall 2007, 37:4, pages 401-422
Between Archive and Participation: Public Memory in a Digital Age

TCSLINKTONEWS[10159,HENDERSON, Gae Lyn,layout_details]  
Fall 2007, 37:4, pages 423-451
The "Parrhesiastic Game": Textual Self-Justification in Spiritual Narratives of Early Modern Women

TCSLINKTONEWS[10158,ROMANO, Susan,layout_details]  
Fall 2007, 37:4, pages 453-480
The Historical Catalina Hernández: Inhabiting the Topoi of Femininst Historiography

TCSLINKTONEWS[10157,SWAMINATHAN, Srividhya,layout_details]  
Fall 2007, 37:4, pages 481-507
Adam Smith's Moral Economy and the Debate to Abolish the Slave Trade