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Sizing Up Rhetoric, a volume containing 30 of the best papers from the RSA 2006 conference in Memphis, has now been published by Waveland Press. The volume includes the four plenary addresses and selected papers concerning rhetorical theory, civic discourse, rhetorics of science, rhetorics of religion, 19th century studies, comparative rhetorics, and rhetorical pedagogy, as well as a tribute to Wayne Booth. The book is edited by Elizabeth Benacka and me.

Each person who attended the conference will receive one copy, which should arrive early in October. If you did not attend the conference but would like to order the volume for your professional library, or if you did attend the conference but would like to order additional copies, you can do so easily by logging on to Waveland's web site at The following link will take you directly to the title

You may also wish to consider the collection for classroom use. I am pleased to tell you that Waveland will make the 442-page volume available for adoption at a price to students of $37.95. I hope you will find the book useful both as a record of the 2006 conference and as a stimulus for continued discussions.

David Zarefsky
RSA President

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