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January 2012 OPA Extern Profile: Krystalyn Weaver

Name:  Krystalyn Weaver


Pharmacy school: University of Toledo

 OPA Extern Krystalyn Weaver

Undergraduate degree/institution: BSPS, University of Toledo

Hobbies: When I’m not studying or working I like to spend time with my family and friends, read, and when I have the time I have lots of crafting projects – beading, paper crafting, knitting, etc.

How did you get interested in the profession of pharmacy? I became interested in pharmacy originally because I wanted to do research in the development of new drugs. Also my father and aunt are both pharmacists so I have always been exposed to the profession. Once I started school I realized that research wasn’t for me, but found many other areas of pharmacy that I fell in love with.

Why did you choose OPA as a rotation? I chose OPA as a rotation site because of my interest in pharmacy advocacy and association management. I wanted to investigate if these areas of pharmacy would be a good fit for me as a long term career. My experience here has confirmed my interest in both of these fields and no matter the setting my career takes me, I plan to stay involved in our professional associations.

What was the most significant or surprising experience at OPA? I really loved spending time with the OPA lobbyist and meeting with state legislators. I was impressed with the level of interest the legislators had for the profession of pharmacy and enjoyed educating them on the issues that we face as a profession.

What other pharmacy associations/organizations do you belong to? Besides OPA, I am also a member of APhA, AMCP, and NCPA.

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