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CURRENT ePrescribing Error Reports Needed Now!

CURRENT ePrescribing Error Reports Needed Now!

OPA Executive Director Ernie Boyd is Chairman of the Ohio Health Information Partnership’s (OHIP) ePrescribing Task Force, a group consisting of physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, and others who are reviewing the implementation of ePrescribing in Ohio.  Over the past year, the group has focused on implementation problems, barriers, and the high number of new types of errors in these prescriptions. For instance, a prescription came through with the sig “take 10 teaspoonfuls TID,” when it should have been “10 cc’s.” Thankfully, the pharmacist caught and corrected it. What will the refill authorization look like if it wasn’t changed in the physician’s office computer?  What caused the error? There are over 300 EMR (Electronic Medical Records) companies that our committee is reviewing at the companies’ development level. Now that we have the full attention of state and national groups,we need your ePrescribing error reports to be able to enact change!

So, please, do the following… 

  • Report the information to the PEER Portal—the Pharmacy and Provider E-Prescribing Experience Reporting Portal,
  • Track where your errors are coming from… perhaps a particular practice, or a particular EMR vendor
  • Ask what vendor was used when you call to correct an error
  • Send me a brief description of the error, what EMR system is used, and anything else that is not HIPAA protected info. My direct email is
  • Also, let me know if errors are decreasing or increasing. 

Note: The PEER Portal is free of charge to healthcare providers and is designed to gather detailed, actionable data about issues that have been encountered with electronic prescriptions.

There is also a link to the PEER Portal on OPA’s website,, located in the Quick Links on the right side of the Home page. Please use it often to enter your ePrescribing experiences—your feedback can make a difference!  Thank you for your support!

Don’t Delay!
It takes less than 3 minutes to complete the questionnaire on the PEER Portal. Bookmark it and use it whenever you encounter an e-prescription “challenge” or if you have specific thoughts or recommendations for improving the e-prescribing process. 

Thanks to a grant from the Community Pharmacy Foundation, the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS) will be able to analyze the de-identified, aggregate data so that industry-wide process improvements can be made. NCAP has committed to work with APMS to ensure that corrective actions are taken as needed to address recurring problems. Such actions could include revisions to certification standards or interventions with prescriber and pharmacy technology vendors. 


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