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WE MOVED! Check out the new Center for Ohio Pharmacy!

We have moved to our new home!
Please note. Effective June 6 OPA’s new contact information is:
Address: 2674 Federated Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43235
Phone: 614.389.3236
Fax: 614.389.4582

For 132 years, the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) has excelled inCenter For Ohio Pharmacy protecting, preserving, and enhancing the profession of pharmacy. Today, with more than 3,000 members, OPA has been the premier organization of pharmacists representing the profession of pharmacy in the state. For more than a century, OPA has been the leader of a variety of efforts to support patient care, combat disease, and develop pioneering ways to enhance patient care.

With the creation of the Ohio Pharmacists Foundation in 1992, pharmacist-centered education was found to be one of the best and most efficient ways to address many public health needs. The foundation offers research grants, conducts educational programming, hosts forums, and develops student activities that teach and add to the knowledge base of current and future pharmacists to encourage innovation and meet patient needs.

For the next few decades and beyond, we aim to continue and build upon our impact on health care issues. OPA and OPF’s new home, the Center for Ohio Pharmacy, will be the launchpad for our push into the future.

Located at 2674 Federated Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43235, the Center for Ohio Pharmacy will provide a centralized location for training and education, community action, and research activities that are critical to the continued presence and effectiveness of pharmacists in the community.

But in order to continue Building Ohio Pharmacy’s Future, we need your help. We are beginning a comprehensive fundraising effort that will pave the way for the future. With numerous opportunities for pharmacists, friends of the profession, and pharmacy vendors to make their mark on what will be a permanent landmark for Ohio pharmacists, this is the perfect opportunity  to demonstrate commitment to the profession.

For complete details about our new facility and our fundraising campaign for Building Ohio Pharmacy’s Future, please view our Campaign Brochure and Pledge form.


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