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Pharmacist Licensee Scam Warning

Lucy Andrews, PharmD Candidate, The Ohio State University and OPA APPE Student

On September 7, 2021, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy released a statement warning pharmacists of a licensee scam circulating several states including Ohio. Threats of suspending the target’s license and accusations of drug trafficking are used to acquire money from the target. The scammers contact targets via phone calls, emails, letters or faxes under the pretense that they work for a governmental agent such as the Department of Justice, DEA, FBI or the Board of Pharmacy.  

In the official statement, the Board reminded pharmacists that they “will not ask for fine payment or personal/sensitive information over the phone and will never contact licensees via fax.” Additionally, if a pharmacist’s license is under investigation, an official notice for a hearing will be sent via certified mail or personal service. The Board asks pharmacists to report scams to, as well as to their local law enforcement agency. For questions regarding this scam, contact the Board of Pharmacy at 614.466.4143 or

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