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Practitioner Profile - NPX Newsletter Fall 2018

Emily Eddy, R.Ph., PharmDEmily Eddy

What’s your current position?
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Ohio Northern University

What year and from where did you graduate?
The University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2016

Tell us a little bit about your practice site. 
I practice as an ambulatory care pharmacist through Ohio Northern’s Healthwise Mobile Clinic. We provide healthcare access to patients in rural Ohio in a mobile health clinic.

How long have you been an OPA member? What’s been your best experience so far?
I have been an OPA member since moving to Ohio in 2016. I think the best experience has been attending the OPA Annual Conferences. I have been able to connect with so many pharmacists and learn so much.

What’s been your favorite moment of your career so far?
I think my favorite moment has been a series of moments working with students. There have been so many times working with students on rotation or in the classroom that I have been affirmed that I have chosen the right career for me.

What’s the best career advice you’ve offered or been given?
While it isn’t exactly career advice, there is a piece of advice I use in my job all the time: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” As pharmacists, we tend to want to do things perfectly and if we can’t, we don’t do anything. Whenever I find myself at a standstill when starting a project or scared to fail, I remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect and that good could impact my students or patients in a profound way.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a new practitioner and how did you overcome it? 
During my residency, my husband and I were blessed with our third child. It was a challenge balancing the needs of a new baby and being a resident. It was certainly an exercise in time management and I couldn’t have done it without all my co-residents and family cheering me on and helping out.

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