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Medicare Drug Bill—Leaders in Congress Want a Vote in May

Ohio Senator and US Representative Contact Information

The following listings will give direct access to all Ohio Senators' contact information and Representatives' websites. Information about this critical legislation follows the listings.

Ohio Senators
DeWine, Mike - (R - OH)
(202) 224-2315
Website for Senator DeWine

Voinovich, George - (R - OH)
317 HART
(202) 224-3353
Website for Senator Voinovich

Ohio Congressional Representatives

The following note covers a very important action issue in Congress. Would you please take time to call or write Senators DeWine, Voinovich and your Member of Congress? The following information will make it easy for you. This is a CRITICAL pharmacy issue!!!
THANKS!!! Ernie Boyd, OPA Executive Director

Medicare Drug Bill—Leaders in Congress Want a Vote in May
Lawmakers will return to Washington next week to start a four week blitz of legislative activity that may very well include a House floor vote on Medicare prescription drug legislation. Under instruction from the House leadership, the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees have been working on a draft bill over the last two weeks. Leaders have set a timetable for passage of the bill by Memorial Day. While this schedule is admittedly ambitious, no one should underestimate the political will of the House leadership, who want to show progress on a top domestic priority for Congress and the White House.
Congress needs to hear from us now!
With lawmakers getting back to work next week, now is the time to speak up and be heard—and to deliver a strong message about pharmacy’s priorities for a “real” Medicare drug benefit.
*Please call (1-800-211-0916) or write to your Member of Congress now! Feel free to use the sample letter on our Democracy Direct website ).
Please also encourage your friends, family, students and patients to call or write today!

*You may also want to attend a local town hall meeting or meet with your Member of Congress while they are still home. Most won’t be back in Washington until Tuesday morning, April 29th. Or you can call your Member of Congress to get an appointment. If you don’t know the local number you can get it by calling the D.C. office through the Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121.

House and Senate leaders have stated their intention to have a bill pass the House and Senate before the August recess. This is on a fast track and the process will not wait for us... please stand up for pharmacy now!

S. Lawrence Kocot
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
National Association of Chain Drug Stores

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