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State Board of Pharmacy CE Reporting Changes

CE reporting requirements and renewal application separated.

State Board of Pharmacy CE Reporting Changes
The State Board of Pharmacy sent a letter, dated February 20, 2002, to all pharmacists who are reporting Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CPE) experiences with this year’s license renewal. The Board is in the process of “separating” the CE reporting requirements and the actual renewal application. CPE reporting forms were to be mailed mid March and could be returned whenever the pharmacist has met the current requirements. If the pharmacist completes and submits the CE reporting form by May 15, 2002, he/she will receive only a renewal application to be completed and returned with the renewal fee. If the pharmacist does not complete the CE reporting form prior to the above May date, it will be included in the renewal application mailing.
Pharmacists were reminded that they must report at least 6.0 CEUs (60 hours) of CE experiences. At least 0.3 CEUs (3 hours) must be in jurisprudence CE programs approved by the State Board. Pharmacists must check with program providers to assure that the jurisprudence programs are approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.
CE certificates must be dated between July 1, 1999 and the time of completion of the CPE report form.
If you have questions, please call Bill McMillen, R.Ph. at the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, 614.466.4143.

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