Ohio Fire Officer Credentialing

 OFO Logo-Ohio Fire Officer CredentialingThe Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association (OFCA) and the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation (OF&ESF) have identified the need to further enhance the professionalism of chief fire officers throughout the State of Ohio by the establishment of a uniform Fire Officer credentialing program. The goal of the program is to ensure a strong degree of accountability. The Credentialing Program sets forth the goals needed for fire officers to establish a higher degree of professionalism so that fire officers may be better prepared to serve their department, their community, and other organizations. The goal is to promote the professional development of the fire officer in Ohio and to assist these officers in their daily operations, management, and leadership.

Credentialed participants will be required to renew their credentials every three years.
The OFCA, through this program, has attempted to establish occupational education, fire service related training, and experience criteria relevant to the position of fire officer. This process provides an equal opportunity for the volunteer, paid-on-call, or full-time applicant to meet the minimum criteria for achieving the Ohio Fire Officer credential. An individual seeking OFO credentialing must be an active member of a Fire and/or EMS organization and member of the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association at the time of application.

By participation in this program, an applicant agrees to abide by a Mission Statement and Code of Professional Conduct. The Credentialing Review Committee will review all applications and make a recommendation to the OFCA Board of Directors. The OFCA Board of Directors will retain the final approval of all credentialing applications.

Ohio Fire Officer Credentialing Application

 Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association Credentialed Officers
      Captain Bryon Baumann, OFO   Fairfield Twp. Fire Department
      Captain Terry Bumgardner, OFO   Central Fire District
      Captain Todd Ham, OFO   Defiance Fire & Rescue
      Lieutenant Aaron Hopson, OFO   Defiance Fire & Rescue
      Lieutenant David Jetter, OFE, OFO   Miami Twp. Fire/EMS
      Fire Marshal Michael Kocab, OFO   Willoughby Fire Department
Captain Matthew McBirney, OFE, OFO
  Aurora Fire Department
      Captain Kenton McQuillin, OFO   Defiance Fire & Rescue
      Captain Conner O'Halloran, OFO   Cardinal Joint Fire District
      Captain Troy Kolar, OFO   Cardinal Joint Fire District
      Lieutenant M. Brock Lemmon, OFO   Seville Guildford Fire & EMS
      Platoon Chief Crystal Plumpe, OFO   Bath Twp. Fire Department
      Lieutenant Andrew Register, OFO   Deerfield Township (Warren County)
      Captain Ted Shoop, OFE, OFO   South Euclid Fire Department
      Lieutenant Dallas Terrell, OFO   Wooster Twp. Fire Department
      Captain Robert Tieche, OFO   Cardinal Joint Fire District
      Captain Shawn Yerian, OFO   Canal Fulton FIre District