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Dear Clients:

The summer went by so quickly it seems! It is almost the 4th quarter of 2013…as we think about the how this relates to workers comp and risk management, I thought I would attach a safety calendar that was put together by RiskControl360 (our sister company) as an “FYI”, with the hope that something listed there will give you food for thought about your overall safety plan. Also, several BWC deadlines approach at the end of the month, as well as the news that the 2014 Credibility Table (the measurement that moderates the amount of credit or penalty earned by an individual employer) will stay constant at 53%. Believe it or not, it is not too early to start thinking ahead to 2014 program options.

Quick sidebar: If you haven’t paid your premium yet, now is the time! It was due on August 31st.

·        Upcoming Important Dates/Deadlines:

o        September 30: Drug Free Safety Program annual report and safety management self-assessment due, for January 1 program year start date.

o        September 30: .99 EM Construction Cap opt-out deadline or submission of safety management self-assessment if you are choosing to take advantage of this program. More on the Construction Cap in this email.

o        September 30: EM Cap program opt-out deadline.

  • .99 Construction Cap: For employers in the construction industry, BWC will automatically grant a temporary .99 experience modifier (EM) if your company’s EM goes above a 1.0 but stays below a 1.5 for the current policy year. This will not change your actual rate or the premiums that you pay, just the published EM for bidding purposes. In order to participate you need to complete the SH-26 (Safety Management Self-Assessment) by September 30th, or opt-out by the same date using this form, U-108, to officially notify BWC you do not want to participate. Note: This program is compatible with group retrospective rating.


  • 2013 Safety Calendar: Please take a look at the calendar (2013 Safety Calendar)  to make sure you have made your office/ workplace as safe as possible. If you need any assistance with a safety evaluation, please let me know and I can have one of our safety professionals get in touch with you.  


2014 Program Options: BWC has announced there will not be any changes to the 2014 Credibility Table, meaning that once again, 53% will be the maximum group rating discount. Right about this time of year you are probably getting bombarded by offers from many of Ohio’s workers’ compensation group rating programs encouraging you to enroll in their program.  While choosing a group rating program with high savings is important, there are other factors that you should consider, such as: 

Group’s Track Record & Return-on-Investment - Traditional Group Rating is the only guaranteed way companies can save significant workers’ compensation premium.  CareWorks Consultants’ groups have a long history of generating substantial savings for group rated employers; group rating has been around for over 20 years. 

Group Size & Stability - Currently, more than 27,000 companies participate in a CareWorks Consultants-administered group rating program.  We are Ohio’s largest private group rating program administrator.  This year we filed 83 workers’ compensation group rating plans, 20% more than our next closest competitor.  This means more opportunities for higher and more predictable discounts.  Plans with fewer employers often overstate projected discounts and then under deliver after you have already enrolled.  

Group Retrospective Rating-If you are eligible for group retrospective rating, we will be extending those invitations in mid-autumn. Our group retro programs continue to outperform expectations! The first refunds/assessments for 2011 group retro participants will be received this fall. 2010 retro participants will be receiving their second one and 2009 participants will receive the third and final one.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like to start the discussion for what your 2014 program options will be.  

Best Regards,

Crissy Roach
Account Executive
CareWorks Consultants Inc.
Direct: 614.526.7188
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