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Special ISO Conference Workshop - July 11, 2019

ISO and VCOS - Partnering with the Fire Service

Thursday, July 11, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Cost of Class: $95.00 (includes lunch)

For some time, ISO has been asked what really happens when they visit your community. ISO has strived in the past to answer this question, and with their relationship with VCOS, they are moving forward.

The class will start with an initial contact from ISO to the community, their expected meetings with Emergency Communication Centers, water departments, and fire departments. What it is that they look at and what do you need to do to prepare for their meetings. What happens at the end of the grading and what happens next? What about the outcome, and when do I know the outcome? ISO Will interject how VCOS has helped them with their mission, and how they have impacted the fire service, including the recently released Lavender Report. This class is geared to all members of the fire service.


Joseph Fratantaro is a Community Hazard Mitigation manager at ISO and a member of the Verisk Underwriting Group at Verisk Analytics. He has been with ISO for 19 years, and was a principal member of the FSRS revision team. He has 40 years experience in emergency services and was the fire training coordinator for the Bucks County Emergency Services Training Center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is a certified Fire Service Instructor and Fire Company Officer.

Tom Rampe is a Community Hazard Mitigation Senior Field Rep at ISO. He has been with ISO for 33 years. He is a Firefighter II, Fire Safety Inspector, and Fire Instructor with 35 years of fire service experience with Kalida Fire Department, serving 15 years as Fire Chief and Assistant Chief.

Fred Windisch, EFO, CFO is the Fire Chief of the Ponderosa Fire Department near Houston, Texas. He began his volunteer career in 1972 in Illinois, and in 1975 with the Ponderosa VFD. The Ponderosa FD is a combination agency serving 48,000 citizens in an unincorporated county and has an ISO 2 rating.

Larry Curl, Fire Chief (Ret.), Wayne Township Fire Department (Marion County, Indiana), began his volunteer career in 1969. He is currently working for the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association as their lobbyist, protecting and assuring their political interests are being heard, and hopefully addressed.

To register for the class: 

Via Online: Click here to register and pay online for the ISO class. 

Via Mail or Email: Click here to print off the registration form and mail to 450 W. Wilson Bridge Road; Suite 150; Worthington, Ohio 43085 or email to

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