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Career Developments, the NCDA print magazine for members-only, is a themed publication offering articles that balance a broad vision with practical applications. Published four times per year, each issue offers a focused article on a select theme, a feature article on a prominent NCDA event, specific content for five departments, and four regular columns.


The Career Developments Editors

Current Editor, as of October 1, 2015, 
Melissa Messer

Founding Editor, Melanie Reinersman 2007-2010

Tim Lutenski 2010-2013

Jenn Long, 2013-2015

Career Developments

Fall 2019

Table of Contents


Preparing Students to Foster Collaboration in Multi-Generational Workforce
By Ann Funke and Amy Baus



The 2018-2019 NCDA Award 
By Natalie Kauffmann



Professional Counselors & Specialists
Connecting the Generations at Work
By Linda Sollars


School Counselors
School Counseling for Generation Z: The Woke Paradox
By Ryan Roche


Graduate Students
Overcoming Generational Barriers in Workplace Communication
By Rebecca Merlenbach and Sarah Patterson-Mills


Facilitating Career Development
Preparing Clients for the Changing Nature of Work and the Job Hunt
By Shirley Rowe


Higher Education
The Role of Tech and Generational Theory in Bringing About Transformational Change Within the UK Higher Education Employability Space
By Emma Moore



From the President:
Understanding Cross-Generational Influences in Career Behavior
By Spencer Niles

From the Executive Director:
Examining the Stark Differences Among the Generations
By Deneen Pennington

Thought Leader Insights:
A Conversation with Cecily Sommers
By Jenn Long Leard

Ethics in a Nutshell:
Ethics and the Multi-generational Workplace
By Edward Mainzer and the NCDA Ethics Committee

The Marketplace
By Charles Lehman

On the Web
By Melanie Reinersman