Special issue of the Career Planning & Adult Development Journal focusing on Career Development for Veterans

Message from the publisher,


I am pleased to have an opportunity to publish this 265 page Special issue of the journal of Career Planning & Adult Development focusing on career development for veterans.  Organized by guest editors Robert Miles, Mary Buzzetta and Krysta Kurzyniski, this special issue on veterans contains 23 chapters, including contributions by Richard Bolles, John Krumboltz and Dick Gaither.


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As air crew member during the Korean conflict and later during the 1960s as an Air Force recruiter (two careers I did not choose), I had difficulty understanding how a member of the military could be an active participant in the career decision-making process. It was after the close of the Viet Nam war when I served as the director of the Veterans Administration Guidance Center in San Jose, California that I was able to help veterans take active control of their careers.


Please share the ideas in this publication with your colleagues who work with veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce.


Richard Knowdell


Career Planning & Adult Development Journal