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Volume 67      Number 4        December 2019







College Student Psychological Distress: Relationship to Self-Esteem and Career Decision Self-Efficacy Beliefs

Mindi N. Thompson, Pa Her, Anna Fetter, and Jessica Perez-Chavez


The Planned Happenstance Career Inventory: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Ji Hae Lee, Soohyun Cho, Sujung Lee, and Sang Min Lee


Affect in Daily Career Decision Self-Efficacy and Career Choice Anxiety

In-Jo Park, Junehee Lee, Minhee Kim, Ji-Yeon Kim, Seungmin Jahng


Rural Appalachian High School Students’ College-Going and STEMM Perceptions

Pamela H. Rosecrance, Danielle Graham, Sam Manring, Katherine D.

Cook, Erin E. Hardin, and Melinda M. Gibbons


Discerning Work as a Calling: The Role of Job Crafting

Missiliana Riasnugrahani, Corina D. Riantoputra, Bagus Takwin, and

Hana Panggabean


Brief Reports


A Study of Clinical Change in Individual Career Counseling

Francis Milot-Lapointe, Yann Le Corff, and Réginald Savard


Student Veteran Career Transition Readiness, Career Adaptability, and Academic and Life Satisfaction

Arpita Ghosh, Matthew Kessler, Katelyn Heyrman, Brett Opelt,

Matthew Carbonelli, and Nadya A. Fouad



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