CPR saves man's life

From: Easetern Courier

Colin Small's heart stopped pumping blood around his body for 23 minutes. 

The Howick resident and his wife were driving home after going for a leisurely Saturday walk at Totara Park when he went into ventricular fibrillation and  cardiac arrest. 

The father of four has no recollection of his stand-off with death. 

His first flicker of a memory is being in the Critical Care Unit at Middlemore Hospital roughly three days later. 

"I was kept in a coma, my body was cooled down which is apparently one of the ways to protect the brain. I was woken up 24/36 hours later," he says. 

"I kept asking ‘what happened?' I would get told and a few minutes later I would ask again, not remembering I had already asked." 

But one thing he knows for sure is that a police officer saved his life.

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