Note: The seminars will take place Monday through Friday morning; the workshops will take place Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. There will be the luncheon at midday on Friday, with workshops beginning Friday afternoon, running all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. The entire institute will end midday on Sunday.

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2015 Seminars:

  1. Rhetoric and Science, Leah Ceccarelli and Carolyn Miller
  2. “The War of Words,” A Rhetoric of Motives, and Contemporary Rhetorical Theory,  Jack Selzer, Kyle Jensen, Krista Ratcliffe
  3. Rhetorics of Citizenship,  Cate Palczewski and Karma Chavez
  4. Rhetoric and Sensation, Debbie Hawhee and Vanessa Beasley
  5. Rhetoric and Race, Kent Ono
  6. Working the Field: Rhetorical Studies and Ethnographic Methods, Ralph Cintron, Scott Graham, Gerard Hauser, Candice Rai
  7. Transnational Rhetorical Research, Sara McKinnon and Rebecca Dingo

2015 Workshops:

  1. Rhetorics & Networks, Collin Brooke
  2. Rhetoric’s Algorithms, Jim Brown and Annette Vee
  3. Reality as a Rhetorical Problem , Dana Cloud
  4. Rhetoric and Indigeneity, Ellen Cushman
  5. Organizing Discourse: Reading and Writing Institutional Histories of Rhetoric, David Fleming and Amy Wan
  6. Neurorhetorics: Thinking Together About the Persuasive Brain, Jordynn Jack and David Gruber
  7. Rhetoric and Economics, Mark Longaker
  8. Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation, Richard Marback
  9. Rhetoric and Religion, Martin Medhurst
  10. Whither “Social Movement” in Rhetorical Studies?, Charles Morris and Christina Foust
  11. Expanding the Idea of Américan Rhetoric, Christa Olson and Rene de los Santos
  12. Crafting Multimodal Rhetorics, Jason Palmeri and Ben McCorkle
  13. New Materialist Rhetorics, Thomas Rickert and Byron Hawk
  14. Rhetoric, Secrecy, and Surveillance, Robert Rowland and David Frank
  15. Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Global Citizenship, Jacqueline Jones Royster
  16. Theory Building in the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, Blake Scott, Jeff Bennett, and Jenell Johnson
  17. “Subalternity” and “Transnational Literacy”: The Significance of Gayatri Spivak’s Scholarship for Rhetoric and Communication Studies, Raka Shome
  18. Political Communication and Campaigns, Mary Stuckey
  19. Rhetoric, Spatial Theory, and the Built Environment, Dave Tell and Greg Dickinson
  20. Transgendering Rhetorics, Isaac West and K. J. Rawson

2015 Hands-on Workshops:

  1. Academic Publishing in Rhetorical Studies or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sending Manuscripts Out for Review (with apologies to Stanley Kubrick), Jim Jasinski
  2. Building Sophware:
Modeling Theoretical Approaches to Technical and Professional Writing with Computational Methods
, Bill Hart-Davidson and Ryan Omizo
  3. Grant and Development Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Rhetorical Studies, J. Michael Hogan