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May 26, 2016

RSA 17th Biennial Conference

Rhetoric & Change

Hilton Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia

May 31 - June 3, 2018

RSA 18th Biennial Conference

Hilton, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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16th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference

“Border Rhetorics”


May 22-26, 2014

Marriott River Center - San Antonio, Texas

RSA14 Full Program 04/30/2014

Conference app: http://eventmobi.com/rsa14


San Antonio is an ideal city for thinking about borders.  Not only has the city been positioned along different national borders, but it also exists at the interesting intersection of diverse cultures and histories.  “Border Rhetorics” not only invites consideration of these kinds of geographic, political and cultural borders but also invites consideration of a wider range of borders: the borders between identities, between roles, between disciplines, between concepts, etc.  The 2014 conference theme seeks to spur a broad conversation about the borders that unite and divide us, the ways in which these borders are constructed and deconstructed, confirmed and contested.

The theme of “Border Rhetorics” opens a space for numerous inquiries and conversations about the things that constitute our borders – politically, culturally, academically, etc. – as well as the ways in which those borders are constructed, crossed, challenged, circumvented, diminished and redrawn.  The theme also encourages us not only to think about our borders but also to think across them in the hopes of opening spaces for dialogue and disagreement that may in turn alter our sense of these borders. 

RSA14 is shaping up to be an incredible experience. Submissions to the conference broke our previous record and the competition for inclusion on the program was fierce. For those who had papers or panels accepted, congratulations! For those not accepted, please consider attending the conference. In addition to the excellent papers and panels included there will be numerous outstanding events that are sure to enrich your study of rhetoric including:

A keynote address by  Linda Martín Alcoff

SuperSessions featuring topics including:

  • Speaking for and with Each Other: Crossing Borders in the Company of Comparative Rhetoric”
  • “At the Borders of Rhetorical and Civic Education: Communication and Composition Pedagogy at the ‘Crucible Moment’”
  • “Machine Rhetorics”
  • “Queering Consent”

Special “In Conversation” panels featuring prominent scholars from Composition and Communication in dialogue around major topics including:

  • Dana Cloud and Seth Kahn In Conversation: Rhetoric and Activism
  • Rebecca Dingo and Sara McKinnon In Conversation: Feminist Rhetorics--Moving beyond the Nation-State
  • James J. Murphy and Victor Vitanza In Conversation:  Are there Real Borders between 'Traditional Rhetoric' and 'New Rhetorics'?
  • Jim Cherney and Margaret Price In Conversation: The Rhetorics of Disability and Access
  • Karma Chávez and Adela C. Licona In Conversation: Coalitional Gestures, Third Spaces, and Rhetorical Imaginaries: A Dialogue in Queer Chican@ Feminism
  • Frank Farmer and G. Thomas Goodnight In Conversation: Publics, Publicity, and Critical Citizenship

There will also be opportunities to participate in some of the special preconference and during conference activities including Preconferences for:

  • The American Society for the History of Rhetoric and the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
  • The 2014 RSA Career Retreat for Associate Professors
  • The ISHR Seminar
  • And, the RSA Research Network

More information about these additional opportunities will be released over the next several weeks.

So, please join us in San Antonio as we consider the various dimensions of our Border Rhetorics.

Ready to register? CLICK HERE! to submit your registration form. Deadline for registration is February 1, 2014.