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RSQ Volume 43
Number 1

Winter 2013

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TCSLINKTONEWS[69154|WALZER, Arthur E.|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2013, 43:1, pages 1-21
ParrÄ“sia, Foucault, and the Classical Rhetorical Tradition 

TCSLINKTONEWS[69155|BESSETTE, Jean|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2013, 43:1 pages 22-45
An Archive of Anecdotes: Raising Lesbian Consciousness after the Daughters of Bilitis

TCSLINKTONEWS[69156|KENNERLY, Michele|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2013, 43:1 pages 46-70
The Mock Rock Topos

TCSLINKTONEWS[69157|ROTHERMEL, Beth Ann|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2013, 43:1, pages 71-94
Prophets, Friends, Conversationalists:  Quaker Rhetorical Culture, Women's Commonplace Books, and the Art of Invention, 1775-1840