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RSQ Volume 30 Number 1

Winter 2000

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TCSLINKTONEWS[9595,GROENEDYK, Kathy,layout_details] 
Winter 2000, pages 9-28
The Importance of Vision Persuasion and the Picturesque

TCSLINKTONEWS[9596,MANOLESCU, Beth Innocenti,layout_details] 
Winter 2000, pages 47-67
Clerics Competing for and Against "Eloquence" in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain

TCSLINKTONEWS[9597,LITTLE, Joseph,layout_details] 
Winter 2000, pages 69-92
Analogy in Science: Where Do We Go From Here?

TCSLINKTONEWS[9598,YARBROUGH, Stephen R.,layout_details] Winter 2000, pages 29-46
The Love of Invention: Augustine, Davidson, and the Discourse of Unifying Belief