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Active Member - $250
Joint Member (pharmacist with Current Active Member Spouse) - $130
1st  Year Pharmacist or PGY1 - $85 (Licensed between Oct 5, 2012 and July 31, 2013- Membership is complimentary through 12/31/2013) -   
Second Year Pharmacist or PGY2  - $165 (2012 Graduate licensed prior to Oct 5, 2012)
Retired Member (Must be 65 & retired from full-time practice.) - $100  
Primary Associate (non-pharmacist only) - $190
Secondary Associate  (must provide the primary associate member's name on application) (non-pharmacist only)  - $100 

All Pharmacist Members Categories, Active through Retired, are entitled to hold office, to participate in and vote in any election and at all meetings of the members of the Association.

Associate and Student Members are entitled to participate in all meetings of the members of the Association, but shall not be eligible to vote or hold office in the Association.

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