Water Delivery TAC

Below are the minutes from the most recent meeting of the Water Delivery TAC:

 Water Delivery TAC - Meeting Minutes 04-19-2014


Another Busy Weekend for the Water Delivery TAC
The weekend of April 26-27 was another busy one for the OFCA Water Delivery Technical Advisory Committee (WDTAC). Members of the WDTAC supported rural water supply operations training events in Williams and Belmont Counties over the weekend – about as geographically separated as you can get in the Buckeye State.

On Saturday, April 25th, five WDTAC members, including Chairman Parker Browne, converged on the northwestern-most corner of the state to support Williams County’s annual fire school, with a turnout of about 30 local firefighters. The WDTAC provided classroom and field training on rural water delivery techniques in conjunction with a pump operator’s class.

The Williams County fire service has a mature and well-developed rural water supply system in place, and WDTAC members were especially impressed with the county-wide automatic aid book in use by all county departments. Of additional interest, Edgerton Fire Department demonstrated the use of center pivot irrigation systems as alternative water supply sources. With irrigation systems becoming increasingly common in Ohio’s agricultural areas, this represents a potentially major new water supply resource for rural departments.

On Sunday, April 26th, WDTAC member Jim Delman headed up Belmont County’s annual mutual aid water supply task force drill. In addition to Belmont County departments, representatives were on hand from four neighboring counties, with a total attendance of more than 60 firefighters.

The WDTAC continues its work on developing effective alternative water delivery systems and techniques throughout Ohio and beyond. Members of Ohio’s fire service are invited to attend a WDTAC update and informational briefing at the 2014 Ohio Fire and Rescue Officer Development Conference on Saturday, July 26th.


Spring Events 
The OFCA Water Delivery Technical Advisory Committee (WDTAC) supported two water movement training events on the weekend of March 15-16, training firefighters from across central and northwestern Ohio in rural water supply techniques.

On Saturday, March 15th, five WDTAC members supported a day-long water delivery training session in Delaware, hosted by the Delaware Area Career Center. The core group of attendees hailed from Delaware County fire departments, although five counties were represented among the 70 total participants. The day’s training included sessions on drafting, fill site and dump site operations. The capstone event involved a full-scale water shuttle operation in support of a simulated structure fire. A wide variety of pumpers and water tenders on hand provided participants with an opportunity to see and work with a range of equipment. Hats off to WDTAC member Cody Beacom for his excellent work in putting this training event together.

On Sunday, March 16th, seven members of the WDTAC headed up to Bowling Green State University to support rural water supply training given as part of the Northwest Ohio Volunteer Firefighter’s Association (NOVFA) annual fire school. Unfortunately, the planned field exercises had to be cancelled due to safety concerns relating to the extremely cold and windy conditions. The instructors, however, were able to provide an expanded classroom session to the participants, providing a full day of water supply training to the attendees in spite of the weather difficulties.

On both days, the WDTAC was pleased to welcome Doug and Jason Estep of the Morrisvale VFD (Boone County, WV) who assisted in teaching and sharing their extensive knowledge of innovative rural water supply techniques. Larry Reber of Firovac and Chad Christensen of Fol-da-Tank also attended both days’ events, and brought along examples of their companies’ latest products to help demonstrate water handling technology advances.

Next month, the WDTAC will be supporting two rural water supply events, one in Williams County (April 26th) and another in Belmont County (April 27th).