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NCDA promotes and supports professional education, preparation, and credentialing for the effective provision of career development programs and services including academic credentials (e.g., MA, PhD), state licensure (LPC), certifications (e.g., GCDF, CDF) and ongoing professional development through conferences, courses, seminars, workshops, supervised practice, internships, presentations, and other training opportunities. 

NCDA is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements.  Sessions for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in each program booklet.  The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.

We share the following opportunities for professional development:

NCDA 100th Anniversary Conference

Keynote speaker presentations from the 2013 Boston Conference are posted under "myNCDA - members only" and include videos of Dr. Temple Grandin and Tony Wagner.


NCDA Webinar Series

Earn Continuing Education Credits by watching previous NCDA Webinars.  Each are $35 and include 1 contact hour.  Simply view the webinar and register online to get your certificate. The following webinars are now available for viewing:

1. Career Smarts for the Job Crisis: Finding Success in Hard Times -- presented by Rich Feller

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2. Action-Based Tips for Successful Career Counseling -- presented by John Krumboltz

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3. Unemployment and Mental Health: Shoring Up Our Clients for the Long Haul presented by David Blustein

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4. Job Search Smarts for the Job Crisis: 'Side Doors' to A Shorter Search presented by Elisabeth Sanders-Park

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5. NCDA 2012 Conference Closing Plenary: Laying the Foundation for Career Dreams
Panelists include:
• Dr. Janet Lenz - Cognitive Information Processing Theory
• Dr. Joe Johnston - Holland’s RIASEC Theory
• Dr. John Krumboltz - Happenstance Theory
• Dr. Gail Hackett - Social Cognitive Career Theory
• Dr. Spencer Niles, Moderator

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6. Engagement or Resistance: The Social Justice Impact on Career Counseling and Career Development - presented by Lee Covington Rush
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7. Veterans Career & Employment Issues - presented by: Robert A. Miles and Carmen T. Stein
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8. From Terrible To Terrific-7 Steps To Move Your Clients Beyond A Layoff - presented by: Sharon McCormick, MCC, GCDF, CLTMC

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9. Free Technology Tools to Help You Work Better, Faster, and Smarter - Sponsored by: NCDA Technology Committee and the Professional Development Committee -- presented by: Shirley Rowe and Janet Wall

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10. Renewing the Emphasis on Career Development In K-12 Education - presented by Rebecca Dedmond and Paul Nichols.

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11. NCDA Code of Ethics - 2014 Revision and Case Studies - presented by David Reile, Keley Smith-Keller and Julia Panke Makela.

Coming October 29, 2014 - click here for details

12. Winnowing Career Assessments in the Information Age:
Career Assessment Instruments, the Internet, Social Justice, and Professionally Conscientious Practice
- presented by Chris Wood

Coming November 12, 2014 - click here for details


Continue to check back with us for more videos and updates.



NCDA Speaker's Bureau

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide a list of NCDA members that are available for speaking engagements.  Members can enhance their own professional development by joining the Speaker's Bureau.  State career development associations can tap into these members when providing professional development activities.  This list was created via an NCDA Leadership Academy project yet does not imply endorsement by NCDA. Please read NCDA's Legal Disclaimer.

A summary of the list of participants in the Speaker's Bureau is available by clicking here.

Would you like to enhance your own professional development and be added to the Speaker's Bureau? For secured online processing, Join today. Questions? Contact Gemma Williams at


NCDA CEUs are National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) approved.  Questions regarding CEU's should be directed to  NCDA Headquarters, Toll-free (866) 367-6232.

If you are not a member, and want to take advantage of these opportunities, we invite you to become a member today !


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