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Limited Pay Increases

Overall US real wage rates have not risen in six years despite falling unemployment due to such reasons as outsourcing, off shoring, temps, subcontractors, part timers, on call, pay for performance, oversupply of lower skilled workers, and corporate budget policies. (New York Times November 1, 2015)

Housing Construction Worker Shortage

Home builders nationally report a severe lack of qualified carpenters, drywall workers, electricians, bricklayers, plumbers and other skills. Reasons include low wages, reduced school vocational training, and tougher immigration policies. (Wall Street Journal October 13, 2015)

Medical Examiners Needed

A national shortage of forensic pathologists exists due to the relative low pay in government and the nature of the work. It is estimated that 500 more are needed to meet autopsy needs. (Wall Street Journal October 18,2015)

Will people be in good enough mental and physical condition to work for up to 80 years?

Will a standard retirement age of 100 really be possible? Within a century, various kinds of work (think:  counsellor, a classroom assistant, a building instructor or a chef) could be done just as easily by a nonagenarian as a twentysomething.  (BBC News Magazine, October 8, 2015).

Many Good Manufacturing Jobs Do Not Require a Bachelors Degree

Career possibilities, organized by selected sub-sectors, employment, wages, education required, and best paying localities, are shown in charts and narrative. (Wall Street Journal June 3, 2015)