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Volume 63 Number 4 December 2015





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Resilience and Decision-Making Strategies as Predictors of Career-Decision Difficulties

Yun-Jeong Shin and Kevin R. Kelly


Living a Calling, Life Satisfaction, and Workplace Climate among an LGB Population

Blake A. Allan, Esther N. Tebbe, Ryan D. Duffy, and Kelsey L. Autin

Viewing Adolescents’ Career Futures through the Lenses of SES and Social Class

Alec J. Eshelman and Patrick J. Rottinghaus


Neuroticism, Negative Thinking, and Coping with Respect to Career Decision State

Emily Bullock-Yowell, Corey A. Reed, Richard S. Mohn, Jacob Galles,

Gary W. Peterson, and Robert C. Reardon


Using Embeddedness Theory to Understand and Promote Persistence in

STEM Majors

Valerie J. Morganson,Debra A. Major, Valerie N. Streets, Michael L. Litano, and Dante P. Myers

Dispositional Affect and Career Barriers: The Moderating Roles of Gender and Coping

Alexandra Novakovic and Philip B. Gnilka