Offender Basic Skills Module


There are approximately 630,000 state and federal inmates being released per year. Many of those released have no savings, are not entitled to unemployment benefits, have few employment opportunities, and are dealing with a struggling economy (Travis, Soloman, & Waul 2000, Petersilia, 2000). In addition to the prison releases, there were 665,475 individuals incarcerated in jails at midyear 2002. The number of individuals that are on probation or parole supervision are estimated at 4.9 million. Many of the individuals that are involved in corrections have the obvious barrier of a conviction in addition to many other barriers that impact job searching and retention. The chances are fairly high that a Global Career Development Facilitator will find themselves working with an ex-offender occasionally or even frequently. We have found that the offender/ex-offender population benefits from the services a GCDF has to offer. Meaningful employment and employment retention is a promising target for change, and is difficult for many ex-offenders to accomplish on their own.

The National Institute of Corrections, the National Career Development Association, and the Career Development Leadership Alliance worked together to develop the Offender Basic Skills Modules. The National Institute of Corrections, who provided offender specific information and the funding to develop the attached modules, hope that you find these useful in your work with offenders in your community.

The modules include:

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