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Reimagining Career Services Online

By Nona Haller and Melody Kruzic

By leveraging best practices and lessons learned by an online-only career development team, practitioners can reimagine current delivery methods to fit with their goals of making programming and advising more accessible and effective through technology.

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Rediscovering Cultural Competence – A Book Review and Interpretation

By John E. Long

Gary Howard, author of We Can’t Teach What We Don’t Know, contends that in our classrooms, there is a striking disconnect between White teachers and a diverse student body. A compelling need exists to prepare an educational work force of predominantly White teachers to effectively teach to a diverse student population. Topics discussed certainly span career development in the school setting.

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Planning Your Career, the “Meal” Way!

By Aya El-Mir

One thing that most young college students can agree on is their fascination with fast food. A popular Western fast food restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon is ROADSTER. When speaking with a group of college sophomores, I capitalized on this passion to introduce them to the importance of career planning.

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Time Management Tips For Career Counselors

By Robert White

Effective time management can be difficult for many career counselors who freely give of their time and resources in order to help others. If you fall into this category, this helpful article provides a variety of tips and strategies for improving time management skills and increasing productivity. [Ed. Note: This article was originally published in Career Convergence in 2010 and is being re-run due to its value today.]

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Independent Practice


Establishing a Business Referral Network: A New Revenue Approach for Career Counselors in Private Practice

By Mary Konow

Establishing your own career services practice can be challenging, but with creativity and a few key partnerships, it can grow as you serve your clientele.

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Benefits and Keys

Offered by the Career Convergence Editorial Team

Answers to the questions of "why and how to get published" are easier than you think.

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Establishing a Veterans Center on Campus

By David W. Edwards, Sr.

Establishing a Veterans Center on a college campus is vital to successfully attracting veteran and military students in attending that university. Four essential elements of the center include 1) the university makes it a priority; 2) the staff are committed to serving these students; 3) the VA Work Study program is utilized; and 4) constant communication between the center and the veterans.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Skill Use on the Job: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills and Career Counseling

Jenny Bell Martin and Debbie Corso De Marco

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a set of skills designed to help those with emotion dysregulation issues better manage emotional intensity and lability, and is now being used much more widely among young adults, including for career development. Implications for career counseling are presented.

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Special Columns


Taking Responsibility for Your Own Professional Career Development

By Xue Lee

When it comes to individual career development in today’s busy world, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of one’s ultimate career and professional goals and instead focus too heavily on organization objectives. Learning from other successful leaders who are well accomplished in their careers can inspire and motivate us to take charge of our own career development. Included are eight career game changer tips to stimulate reflection and action.

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Tech Tips

Provided by the NCDA Technology Committee, these technical tips are short lessons on some of the newest technology tools, trends, and apps, and how they can be used by career practitioners in a variety of contexts. Read newest tip here each month or View More now.

Sending Large Files for Free

Career development practitioners occasionally want to send large files via email, such as sharing conference presentation handouts with participants, editing documents with colleagues, and job search instructions to students.   Most email programs limit the size of the file that can be attached. Instead of emailing a large file, you can zip it (i.e., compress it) with a free program such as Zip Central. The person receiving a zip file needs to download Zip Central of a similar application to "unzip" and access the contents.

There are also free web-based tools, including File Dropper and Transfer Big Files . Register for an account and then upload your large files. Your recipients can download the files to their computers using the link provided.


Tip Provided by Dr. Janet Wall, careerfacilitator@janetwall.net

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