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Grow Professionally by Earning Career Certifications

By Paula Brand

Life-long learning is an essential habit for successfully managing a career. This is true not only for clients but also for career professionals. Earning certifications can be a valuable way to continue learning. Read more to understand important aspects to consider when choosing a certification program.

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Financial Aid Planning 101 for School Counselors

By Debra Myton

Financial aid planning is a vital aspect of student college readiness. School Counselors need not be experts on financial aid, but they need to know basic information about financial aid in order to guide students and parents through the financial aid process. This article provides information associated with the overall financial aid planning to assist school counselors in simplifying the process for students and their families.

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ADA University: A Model of Higher Education Institution–Business Cooperation

By Gulnur Ismayil

ADA University (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy) focuses on preparing students for a rewarding and accomplished future. This preparation includes exposing its students to ADA’s ample resources for career and leadership development throughout their program of study. Both coursework and professional career development are tailored to best leverage their strengths and interests in school and beyond, where business enterprises are welcome to take an active part.

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The HERO Method: Bringing Powerful Tools to Job Hunters Facing Challenges

By George Valentine

Are your clients facing roadblocks? Job searchers facing challenges to employment may need the HERO Method -- a bridge to see themselves, the employer and the job hunt itself differently.

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Best Practices For Career Counselors: The Advantage Of Having A Dual Specialty Private Practice

By Beverly Baskin

Counseling as a business: How continuing education, dual certifications, and an entrepreneurial spirit led to an expanding private practice with several employees.

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Competency Assessments Provide as Many Gains for Individuals as Organizations

By Selena Rezvani

Competency assessment is a critically important, and yet often overlooked tool for career development practitioners who work with professionals employed inside organizations. This article examines the under-leveraged advantages of competency assessment for individuals and its use as an effective career management tool with benefits that can help individuals in their short- and long-term career development efforts. [Ed. Note: due to the importance of competencies, this 2009 article is being re-run now.]

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Comparing Career Transitions of Midlife and College Student Veterans

By Heather Robertson

Military members were surveyed regarding their experience transitioning to civilian employment, life satisfaction and demographic features. Specifically midlife veterans and college student veterans were surveyed. Findings include a discussion of group differences and transition variables. Implications for career practitioners working with veterans are addressed.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Generating Graduate Student Interest in Career Counseling

By David Dietrich

Career counseling is one of the eight common core curricular areas outlined by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). Despite this stated importance within the discipline, counseling programs often treat career counseling as an afterthought. This article outlines some basic strategies to overcome this tendency, and to increase student interest in career counseling.

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In Defense of The Freedom to Work: A Book Review of The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working

Book Review by Peter McIlveen

The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working is a magnificent resource for career development counselors and specialists. Professor David Blustein and his colleagues have produced an opus so rich in deep thinking that it will leave readers informed and transformed.Complete Article >
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The Career Knowledge Series – A New Resource from NCDA

By Shirley Rowe

NCDA has a new product for those that want to increase their knowledge of key career development competencies.

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Colleagues often ask about my office workstation, which has two monitors: one rotated in portrait (vertical) orientation and a second in landscape (horizontal) orientation. While studies are mixed on the impact multiple monitors have on work productivity, I find my workstation supports a more natural, paper-like work style. The configuration allows easy side-by-side comparison of documents and screens (i.e. resume, job announcement, LinkedIn profile), and decreases scrolling. Most operating systems (e.g., Windows, OS) support multiple monitors if the computer has multiple video outputs or ports. Monitors that “pivot” from landscape to portrait can be purchased new and some preexisting monitors can be modified to fit an after-market stand that allows rotation. Read more about the benefits of multiple monitors and how to set them up.


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