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Formative Assessments as Early Intervention Tools in Academic Environments

By Melanie Adams and Jennifer Blythe

Career classes are great platforms for delivering professional development information to a larger student audience; however, measuring effectiveness can be tricky. At Florida Atlantic University, the Career Development Center piloted a formative assessment survey to better execute timely career intervention in their Career & Life Planning courses.

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Beyond College Readiness: Expanding Career Opportunities for Students in the Construction Industries

By Jon Olson

Career opportunities in construction are booming yet educational opportunities in construction trades are dwindling. Career counseling efforts are focused towards college readiness and in many cases to the exclusion of non-college bound disciplines. This article provides school and career services professionals with information for expanding career opportunities for students in the construction industries.

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Applying Counseling Theory to Pedagogy

By Payton J. Jones

Many career professionals are called upon to teach. However, the personal nature of career counseling is often lost in a sizable classroom. Teachers can best adapt by encouraging personal interaction, emphasizing real-world experience, and empowering students.

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Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-binary Job Seekers

By Brandon L. Beck

Providing career counseling to transgender and gender non-binary clients provides unique opportunities. In this article, a few important questions to consider when working with this population along with some key tips and resources for career development are provided.

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Independent Practice


Challenges and Opportunities in Working Independently

By Ellen Supple

Why do we attend conferences? In addition to the ability to earn valuable, required CEUs, we seek collegial support and rapport. Our challenges seem bigger when we face them individually – conferences reinforce that we are not alone.

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Moving for Work: The Difference a Career Professional Can Make

By Jennifer Bradley

The globalization of work has important implications for career service providers. Employees who move for work are a diverse group. This article discusses their evolving needs and the implications for career practitioners.

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Navigating the Federal Hierarchy: Tips for Attaining Employment and Career Success

By Eraina Schauss

Unlike many positions in the private sector, the federal government has a very specific and lengthy process it uses to screen and identify potential hires. Career services practitioners can share these steps and tips with clients so as to achieve a fruitful federal career.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Career Development Pedagogy: Using Community Engagement to Enhance Interest and Skills

By Leann Wyrick Morgan

Counselor educators are always looking for ways to draw graduate students in career development courses toward integration of theory and practice. Through this community partnership, students were able to provide essential career counseling interventions to secondary students at-risk of school failure and career underachievement, while increasing their interest in career development.

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Special Columns


Utilizing LinkedIn As A Career Development Professional

By Mason Murphy

LinkedIn is a powerful online resource that can connect both candidates and employers to global career development opportunities. There are eight aspects when developing a profile and connecting with other professionals to keep in mind. Career development professionals should utilize LinkedIn to heighten their own careers.

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NCDA Partners with the Global Pathways Institute

By Lourdes Rivera

Promoting Career Counseling in K-12 Schools is a goal of NCDA and a new partnership arising from the recent conference.

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If you have ever wanted to provide a URL (a.k.a. web link) in a handout or slide presentation, or even over the phone, you know that long links can be challenging to share. Free link shortening tools, such as TinyURL, Google's URL Shortener,  and Bitly  all allow you to copy/paste a longer link into a text box, and with one click create a much shorter version that you can then copy/paste into a document, email message, slide, or other format. Take a look at the following example using TinyURL: access this Google Drive folder




Some shortening tools include additional features, such as creating a custom link and tracking how many times your short link was clicked.


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