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Responding to Student Springtime Anxiety: Easy Techniques for Building Resilience

By Dominique Maas and Katrina (Katie) McKenzie

Spring semester can be a stressful time for college students as they consider graduation or summer plans. This article provides practical tools that can help clients of all ages use challenging circumstances as opportunities to build resiliency.

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Career Counseling Intervention with Students with ADHD: A Case Illustration

By LaToya B. Gathers

The process of career exploration for young adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a complex process that takes time. It demands considerable amount of self exploration, commitment to the process, and openness to non-traditional interventions typically not considered part of school counselors' repertoire of skills. This article will focus on a case involving a student with ADHD to illustrate a non-traditional approach to providing effective career counseling intervention for this group.

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Strategic Directions For Career Services Within The University Setting

Book Review By Amanda C. Sargent

With national developments shining a spotlight on accountability and return on investment in higher education, career services professionals are experiencing a revolutionary time for service delivery at the post-secondary level. This article presents a critical review of the insights and projections for the future of career services in the university setting compiled for the newest installment of "New Directions for Student Services".

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The Purpose of Career Counseling

By John D. Krumboltz

The prolific author, speaker and theorist John Krumboltz explains why he believes “career exploration should be a constant, thoughtful alternative.”

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Independent Practice


Helping Millennials Discover Life Purpose: A Narrative Approach

By Danielle Menditch

Studies have found that Millennials value meaning in their careers. This article explains the importance of exploring purpose in career development with Millennials and provides a narrative tool to help clients tap into it.

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Boost Employee Engagement with Just One Role

By Mary Ila Ward

It is imperative for leaders and organizations to think about how to maximize talent in a way that leads to mutual gains. Implementing the role of career agent may be the key to flipping employee engagement statistics in a positive direction.

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Transition Classes for Veterans: Analyzing Outcome Data for Evidence-based Approaches

By Krysta Kurzynski and Seth Hayden

The NCDA Veterans Committee is actively addressing the needs of service members transitioning to civilian life. One suggested activity on college campuses is a veteran-specific transition course. Based upon emerging research, practitioners could contribute career development activities in these courses to develop engagement with this population.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers


Research Shows Effectiveness of Life-Story Writing For Career Change

By George Dutch

Research on career change outcomes from life-story writing can assist educators and practitioners to help individuals construct “new” career identities that increase their motivation to act effectively in a volatile economy where career change (as distinguished from job change) is an inevitable reality for increasing numbers of individuals.

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When Asian Women Consider Career Options...

By Cheri Butler

When Asian women consider career options, they face many of the issues women everywhere face. However, the high value placed on collective social needs in Asian cultures makes these issues feel a bit different. Also, there are subtle differences among Asian countries in the way the issues impact their choices.

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Sending Large Files for Free

Career development practitioners occasionally want to send large files via email, such as sharing conference presentation handouts with participants, editing documents with colleagues, and job search instructions to students.   Most email programs limit the size of the file that can be attached. Instead of emailing a large file, you can zip it (i.e., compress it) with a free program such as Zip Central. The person receiving a zip file needs to download Zip Central of a similar application to "unzip" and access the contents.

There are also free web-based tools, including File Dropper and Transfer Big Files . Register for an account and then upload your large files. Your recipients can download the files to their computers using the link provided.


Tip Provided by Dr. Janet Wall, careerfacilitator@janetwall.net

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