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The Career Counseling Casebook

A Resource for Students, Practitioners, and Counselor Educators, 2nd Edition

Author/Editor: Spencer G Niles, Jane Goodman, Mark Pope

Year: 2013

In this book, the leading career development theorists and practitioners' present state-of-the-art career counseling strategies for  helping clients resolve their career issues.  Forty-one cases cutting across all developmental stages and representing a wide range of client backgrounds and career concerns are presented.  Two respondents provide strategies for providing career counseling with each of the cases presented.  This is an excellent resource for anyone concerned about becoming a more competent career practitioner.


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Category: Assessment
Category: Career Development Theory and Models
Category: Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
Category: Career Planning and Job Seeking Resources
Category: Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitating Skills
Category: Specific Populations
Work Settings: Post Secondary


Mfr#: ISBN:978-1-885333-41-4

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