2009 DOWD Conference Agenda and Program

2009 Conference Agenda and Program:


COMPLETE PROGRAM: DOWD 2009 Conference Program

PRESENTATIONS:  (Click on program letter-number to read the presentation notes or view powerpoint)

A-2 Researching Funds for Nonprofits that Serve Offenders
Juanita Grant, Founder & CEO, Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministry, Inc. (CRAM)

A6 Child Support as a Reentry Partner
Karen Anthony, Program Analyst/Grant Coordinator, HHS/Administration for Children and Families/Office of Child Support Enforcement

A-8 Employment Experiences of Former Prisoners: Research Results from Two Studies
Christy Visher, Professor, University of Delaware

A-9 ; A-9a Soft Skill Employment Simulations to Enhance Prerelease Training
Lucy Baney, CEO, Access Technologies Group, Inc.

B-4 Shaking the Foundation: Creating an Outstanding Mock Job Fair
Michael Tesone, Teacher/ISD Coordinator, United States Penitentiary Atwater

B-7 The ABC's of WIA (Workforce Investment Act)
Sandra Moreland, Industry Training Specialist, San Diego Workforce Partnership

C-3 Core Principles of Successful Employment Program
Scott Anders, Assistant Deputy Chief, Eastern District of Missouri

C-6 Prison Fellowship: Developing Communities of Care with a Transformational Prisoner Re-entry Model
Ed Privette, Executive Director, Prison Fellowship

C-7 Re-entry Programs for Fathers
Ken Gosnell, Senior Director of National Programming, National Fatherhood Initiative

C-R3; C-R3a Using the Employment Readiness Scale to Thrive and Survive During Difficult Times
Cal Crow, Program Director, Center for Learning Connections; and Barry Brown, Director, Employment Readiness Center

D-3 Money Smart: A Financial Education Curriculum - Train-the-Trainer
Phyllis A. Pratt, Community Affairs Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; and Joyce Thomas, Community Affairs Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

D-5 Bringing the Efforts and Resources Inside
Bryan Birkholz, Case Manager/ISDR Coordinator, FCI Herlong/Federal Bureau of Prisons; Barbara Hunt, US Probation Officer, District of Nevada; Ann M. Pollay, Administrative Assistant to the Probation Officer, Central District of California; RaVonna 'Ronnie' Johnson, Unit Manager/ISDR Coordinator, FCC Lompoc/Federal Bureau of Prisons; and Shannon E. Angelidis, US Probation Officer, Central District of California

D-6 Project Home - Helping Ex-Offenders Reach the Dream of Homeownership
Marty Thurman, U.S. Probation Officer, U.S. Probation - Eastern District of Missouri

D-9 Things Ain't What They Used to be and Never Were: Time to Rethink Training Models
Claudia Follet, Director of Grants & Partnerships, Time Wise Management Systems

D-R2 Workforce Development Activities: Critical Instructional Activities
Diana Bailey, Workforce Dev Coordinator/ Corr Ed, Maryland State Department of Education