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Anchored to the Mission
Tuesday, November 3 - Thursday, November 5, 2015
DoubleTree Hotel Columbus/Worthington
175 Hutchinson Avenue
Columbus, OH 43235


Midwest Care Alliance (MCA) is a statewide association committed to developing and providing current, applicable, high-quality education to meet the needs of those practicing in the hospice, home care, and palliative care fields. As part of the effort to provide quality educational programs, the Midwest Center for Home, Hospice & Palliative Care Education (MCE), an affiliate of MCA, invites submissions of presentation proposals for the 2015 Annual Conference for Home, Hospice and Palliative Care.


  • Identify new developments in home, hospice & palliative care to enhance the practice and expertise of health care professionals within these populations
  • Examine ethical dilemmas facing health care professionals caring for patients and family in home, hospice and palliative care populations
  • Describe practical skills for discussing appropriate treatment with patients and families related to each population
  • Examine various skills and knowledge needed to maintain competency in home, hospice, and palliative care

A committee will review submitted proposals using the following guidelines:

  • Practical application of material
  • Relevance to practice
  • Clearly identified objectives
  • Expertise of presenter
  • Case-based presentation, if appropriate
  • Research-based clinical presentations

Topic Areas to Consider

 Click here to view a list of possible presentation topics.



How to Submit a Proposal Proposals must be submitted using the online form. You may find it helpful to DOWNLOAD THE DRAFT FORM BELOW and use it to draft your proposal. Then save the form on your computer, and transfer the information from the draft form to the online form. 

Once the on-line form has been started you will not be able to go back and  modify it at a later date so drafting your proposal in advance is recommended.

AC2015 DRAFT FORM (Not for on-line submission)


CFP 2014
As a non-profit organization, we do not pay an honorarium or reimburse presenters responding to the Call for Presentation for hotel, travel, or per diem expenses.

Proposals should be free of commercial bias as well as any reference to commercial services. Presenters are required to disclose the existence of any significant financial interest with a sponsor of any commercial product or service that is directly or indirectly related to the educational presentation.

All presentations are to be 75 minutes in length. If submitting more than one proposal, a separate application form must be submitted for each presentation.

Presentation proposal submissions addressing complementary or alternative (therapeutic) modalities must have appropriate professional credentials. These presentations must also:

  • be supported by theory or research published in professional journals if available;
  • discriminate between self-care (for the professional) as opposed to appropriate use with a client population (in order for session to meet CE requirements, content must be appropriate for use with patients and families);
  • define/assure a recognized minimum of training; and
  • be consistent with appropriate professional standards
Primary correspondence will take place via e-mail. Please include your e-mail address on the Application Form.

Only completed applications, with all requested materials, will be considered.

*As a potential presenter, the Midwest Center for Education asks that those submitting a presentation proposal(s), please reserve November 4-November 5, 2015 as possible days to present until formally notified. This is due to scheduling demands that make it necessary for presenters to be available for any of the conference days . Please indicate with your proposal if, for some reason, this is not possible and MCE will take this into consideration.  We appreciate your cooperation.